Vison technology continues to develop at a fast pace we make it our responsibility, as experienced independent experts in this field, to understand and keep up to date with developments so that we can specify and recommend the best solutions for our customers.

Whether it be smart camera or PC with dual core, quad core or multi-thread, visible, near visible or invisible light, GigE, USB, Firewire, Area or Line Scan cameras, we make it our responsibility to determine the best solution using our knowledge, expertise and application deployment experience built up over the last decade.

It is this know-how and experience that you are buying when purchasing from InterVision Global.

When it comes to selecting a vision platform our experience shows that each vision manufacturer has areas of expertise beyond the capability of others. Being independent from any one vision manufacturer allows us, away from commercials, to determine the best solution for the application and provide the most robust and reliable solution for the user. Our customers commit and entrust to significantly important high value contracts with us in mission critical projects and we see it as our duty to not only meet but to exceed their expectations in full.


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