Robotics is a ever developing innovative sector of the automated inspection sector

Robotics is a fast growing solution across the Pharmaceutical, Food, Beverage, Defence, Consumer Goods, Machine Builder industries. The form of automation allows for a range of solutions to be developed into automatic and continuous inspection system, working along side or included within current manufacturing lines. 



Robotics allows for fast point to point accurate vision inspection in an array of solutions. Especially in inspection, which need full attention to detail, it allows for continuous precision throughout the programmed process. 

The solution allows for accuracy, especially in Vision Inspection due to the diverse levels of camera range and reach of the arm to track the whole process through programmed algorithms. 

Robotics is the perfect formulation of mechanical hardware, electronics and software to gain the desired run rates. The integration of this intelligent automation into the manufacturing environment allows for increase in yield through quality management and real time results. 

This fast developing solution encourages manufacturers the ability to increase the skill of workforce by removing repetitive jobs from the shop floor, increasing speed and precision by eliminating bottle necks throughout production.

Possible solutions available with the use of InterVision Global’s Robotics solution: Vision Inspection, Measuring, Gripping, Integrity, OCR/OCV, Code Reading and Verification all using our Perceptor Software.


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