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with years of experience in designing and deploying bespoke vision systems- we have now developed a range of value engineered products ready to order and designed around your needs. Our expert team will understand and review your requirements and build a system around your companies desired results, if that is increased run rate, improved traceability or industrial compliance.


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Barcode verifiers and software report on code quality parameters and validate data for conformance to ISO/IEC 15415, ISO/IEC 15416, and AIM DPM (ISO/IEC TR 29158) guidelines. Three major verification standards govern 1D, 2D, and direct part-mark codes.


US DoD MIL STD 130 requirements goes back over a decade to when the first MIL STD 130L was released in 2004.


FDA standards have clearly stated by 2020 all medical devices need to contain an UDI (Unique Device Identifier). 


Global Manufactures with barcode on their products into retail, transport, food and beverage industries use GS1 standards.


The form of automation allows for a range of solutions to be developed into automatic and continuous inspection system, working along side or included within current manufacturing lines. 


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