The TRC-19 is the first of the CoBot Cell developemtns for InterVision Global. The TRC-19 is designed to be adaptable to a number of solutions across a range of industries from Pharma to Defence.

The standard TRC-19 uses a single cell and cobot to verify and trace codes to the matching products, this is solely the starting point of the TRC-19 capabilities.

Using Perceptor software, the TRC-19 links into servers and creates full audit reports through a number of industry specified formats- for example- the original cell uses GUI Software and imbedded CFR 21 Requirements with the ability to link to 3rd party equipment.

The TRC-19 is complete with touch screen interface allowing for ease of use, with variable and multiple logins depending on access requirements these include (but not limited to): operator, supervisor and administrator.

Weight: 22.1 kg

Payload: 6kg

Reach: 700mm

Typical Speed: 1.1 m/s

Weight: 22.6kg

Payload: 4kg

Reach: 900mm

Typical Speed: 1.4m/s

Weight: 33.3 kg

Payload: 12kg

Reach: 1300mm

Typical Speed: 1.3 m/s

Weight: 33.6 kg

Payload: 14kg

Reach: 1100 mm

Typical Speed: 1.1 m/s

Degrees of Freedom: 6 rotating joints

I/O Power Supply: 24V 1.5A Control Box and Tool

IP Classification: IP54 (Arm)

Power Consumption: Typical 220 Watts

Eye in Hand (Built in): 1.2/ 5M pixels, colour camera

Eye to Hand (Optional): Support Maximum 2 GigE Camera


  • Batch Information to be prepared and maintained remotely.
  • SQL Database installed on customer network.
  • Website login controlled by users permissions.
  • Under the correct permission settings the user can add batch and product information to Database via website.
  • Database allows for batch records to be updated automatically during processing.
  • Powered by InterVision Global’s unique software-PERCEPTOR



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