Perceptor is InterVision Global’s outstanding, innovative and fully integrated software system for automated inspection solutions.

Ease of use and interaction with the system are key to the usability of any automated system. These interfaces are critical to the ease of use of the system and ensure strict compliance to a process. User Interfaces provide the Operators and Associates with the resource to run their machine in an environment that is familiar to them and relevant to the business requirements.

At InterVision our User Interface pulls together all the technologies, including third party equipment, and presents all the data and run time information to the Operator in the one location. This provides seamless integration, compiles data and statistics, fixture information, false reject rates and wider general reporting whilst showing real-time images on-screen.

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Perceptor is InterVision Global’s outstanding, innovative and fully integrated software system for automated inspection solutions.


InterVision provides Web access to, control the process, for serialisation and batch control, and also to monitor system state and measurement data. Web front ends may be on intranet or cloud based.


Storage of data on cloud to ensure easy access to all important data.


The PERCEPTOR AWS module links in to Microsoft data centres PaaS and WebApps


Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) AI services for machine learning using pretrained models for rapid development to complex image recognition.


Measuring using non contact methods to accurately process and inspect products to ensure they meet programmed requirements. This solution allows for quality controls, accuracy and product improvements off the line.


3D Vision inspection for measurement, recognition and fault detection


High quality, and high speed visual Optical Charater Recognition, using latest technology to read printed text in even the most challenging environments.


Offering full integration in to many types and manufacturers of cameras, including smart cameras where applicable.

Machine Learning

Machine learning solutions for AI and deep learning, for part recognition, fault detection

Code Reading

Reading all types of 2D and 3D codes, for both decoding and quality checking


Bespoke and standard vision integrated robotic machine solutions to provide flexible inspection systems.


Printing combined with vision to check print accuracy and quality, in both serialised and non-serialsed applications.

Mobile Computing

Offering mobule computing for control, and data entry.


PERCEPTOR IO module is used to connect to existing systems, to share on line status or inspection results. The IO modules can also be used to.


Most common types of industrial comms are already supported, including: Profinet, RS232, RS485, Ehternet IP, OPC Server


Integrates to laser marking devices wth batch control and serialisation.


Siemens Solutions Partner, also supporting other systems such as Allen Bradley


Real time production stats and KPIs

Big Data

Drill down into historical production data


Compare stats by line, product, shift and site

Web Interface

Access globally via secure login


ERP integration to optimise your business management. Feed measurement data and product counts through to your ERP system automatically.


The PERCEPTOR MES module can link to your factory data, synchronising live information for measurement analytics.


Manage product serialization and traceability. The serialisation module links in with the web module to provide batch control.

Audit trail

CFR Compliant audit trail. Output to pdf or database.

Condition Monitoring

Continutaly monitor key metrics, with configurable alarms. Receive alerts via email.

21 CFR

PERCEPTOR is fully compliant to 21 CFR, with the necessary audit trails, user controls, documentation for the pharmaceutical industry.


Follows GAMP principles and procedures that help ensure that pharmaceutical products have the required quality

User Control

Full user control to set access privileges to configuration and operation of the system. The user control module links in with the audit trail to provide a full record of who has done what.