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Mark Worlidge


Following over 7.5 years of leading the direction of the UK business Mark established the company to be noticed for its solutions in marking and 2D coding. Verified by the exceptional growth in sales from £nil in May 1998 to £1.25M in 2003 with EBITDA of >10%

Rightfully, this experience allowed Mark to transpose this into the creation of V-Viz in 2004 as the founding Managing Director. Extensive knowledge of 2D Data Matrix Coding and Marking allowed InterVision Global access into key industries.

Peter Church


Peter demonstrates his exceptional knowledge throughout OCR/OCV and 2D Verification- using advances in technology he works closely with the customer and the team to identify the most constructive solution. His role has also been integral in the development of the Perceptor Software TM to InterVision Global. This unique bespoke software has been compatibly designed to adapt to individual customer needs.


Group Marketing Manager


Senior Automation Engineer


Machine Vision Software Engineer


Project Manager


Applications Technician


Senior Software Developer


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Technology Specialist


Sales Administrator

What we stand for…

For a number of years we have retained our ISO 9001 certification. Continually striving to enhance our quality of service, our commitment to the continual improvement of our Quality Management System has been recognised and rewarded by our achievement of UKAS Accreditation in 2014. This internationally recognised award for quality management is an international standard in use worldwide as a benchmark for quality, competence, and performance capability.

Designing and delivering complex vision inspection systems into harsh and critical manufacturing environments requires robust processes to ensure that customers’ expectations are met in full. At InterVision Global we have always taken Quality seriously as it forms a key part of our Project Execution.

To meet our Objectives we will:

Ensure that we understand the needs and requirements of the Customer

Strive to improve and enhance our performance by setting objectives and targets, which are continually reviewed and monitored

Provide training, support, resources and encouragement to all employees to ensure they realise their full potential in meeting the Quality objectives

Ensure that all work is carried out consistently to a defined standard

The aim of our Quality Management Systems is to ensure that:

We deliver a consistent quality of product and service

We continuously improve our products, services and processes using clearly defined methodologies

We respond immediately and decisively in the event that we identify a weakness in our processes

We comply with the requirements of our ISO 9001 UKAS certification and continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System

We value and invest in our people, and that they are proud to work for InterVision Global      

we conduct our business in a morally and ethically responsible way and are not afraid to admit our mistakes when they happen


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