Measuring solutions

Measuring solutions use non-contact methods to accurately process and inspect products to ensure they meet pre-programmed requirements. This type of solution allows for quality controls, accuracy and product improvements off the line.

Quality edge detection, Gauging, Height- can be configured to customer requirements

Measuring to be an accurate solution uses several elements to measure the entirety or a section of the product as well as 3d and between key points, this process used multiple of technology-

  • sensors
  • lighting
  • lenses
  • software

InterVision’s expert team have numerous measurement solutions completed, these include, but not limited to-

  • Diameter
  • Height
  • Position
  • Distance
  • Orientation
  • Size Type
  • Surface

Using our Perceptor software we can inspect and measure to high speeds and provide accurate results to improve product quality and standards. Our software allows us to conform to industry relevant requests and provide our customers the confidence in the solution. With the possibility of 100% inspection.


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