LVS-7510 Thermal Printer Label Inspection System

The LVS-7510 inspection system is used across a range of industries including Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Defence, Consumer Goods and Food and Beverage.

  • Identify Defects
  • Eliminate Fines and Disputes
  • Reduce Rework
  • Control Waste
  • Avoid Liability
  • Provides operator notification of print quality degradation, enabling proactive maintenance
  • Can be used with off-line verifiers to create a seamless label design and production quality system


Print Speeds of up to

Inspects any combination of 1D/2D codes and grades them using internationally accepted standards. The software displays a real-time graph indicating the overall ISO grade allowing the operator to view trends in print quality for hundreds of previously inspected labels. As errors are detected, the graph changes colour. Other error warning indicators are available including printer stop, light stack, alarm, etc.

Inspects codes to determine if they are “readable.” No attempt is made to grade according to any standard.

Identifies print faults, such as skews, smears, registration errors, die-cut errors and missing information. This feature includes a variable data function that recognises expected variables within a pattern-matching zone but does not report the data as a blemish. Also includes a variable sensitivity setting for each label field inspected.

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR). “Reads” characters and reports the data content.
  • Optical Character Verification (OCV). Ensures that a string of sequential characters are read and/or verified against a known field or database.

Verifies the expected order of any numerical series, detects duplicates and sequence errors, and matches variable numbers with external data files.

Verifies encoded data that represents human readable information and ensures synchronicity of multiple fields within a label.

 LVS-7510 integrates into Zebra xi4, Zebra ZT600 and Printronix T8000 series printers. Contact Omron Microscan for the latest status of additional printer models. 

Easy 7 Stages….

  1. Design Label
  2. Label checked for code grading and data structure
  3. Import label design into LVS-7510 using scanner
  4. Using software the criteria is detailed inso the LVS-7510
  5. Label inspection test throughout production
  6. Label batches ran and inspected with real time results.
  7. With inspection checked against programmed template labels will change accordingly.

LVS-7510 Functionality at a Glance

• 100% label inspection, including 1D/2D barcode quality verification, OCR/OCV verification, serialization, and blemish detection.
• Integrated into popular Zebra and Printronix industrial thermal transfer printers.
• Provides operator notification of print quality degradation, enabling proactive maintenance.
• Can be used with offline verifiers to create a seamless label design and production quality system.

Database Archive and Connectivity

Job data is archived and stored in .csv file format for ease of export. All records are date, time-stamped and automatically archived. Remotely review errors and record acceptance or rejection action. Run summary report for quality control and data validity checking. Import of matchfile date in .csv format for use in inspection jobs supported. Data exchange via TCP/IP commands is supported.

Error Notification

Multiple output options for error notification including stop relay interface to the printer, external light stack, and on-screen warning set to user-defined thresholds.

Validated System Applications

21 CFR part 11-compliant-ready with multiple security levels and comprehensive data management and reporting options. Microsoft Active Directory, audit trail of operator actions, and inspection archive for each label.

AutoExecute Function

AutoExecute allows the user to initiate the automatic import of one or more LVS-7510 jobs. This helps automate the processing of multiple jobs without operator interaction.

Accuracy and Data Integrity


• Reduce Inspection Costs

• Identify Defects

• Maintain Quality

• Reduce Rework

• Control Waste

• Reduce Non-Compliance Risk

System Overview

LVS-7510 is designed with 2 operating platforms, Design mode and production mode.

The 2 platforms allow for security in the design phase and locks this throughout the production phase. 

Our software allows the user to swap between both modes.

•Create a new job template (Design Mode only)

•Load an existing or unfinished job template.

•Retrieve a job template from archive. 

•Close out and clear templates that are production-ready. 

•Promote a job template to production.

•Reusable job templates imported and become executable jobs.

•Load an existing or unfinished job template.

•Login credentials create an audit trail of operator actions. 

•Operator administration and permissions optionally controlled through Microsoft Active Directory.

•Combine data from multiple runs with summary data reports.


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