InterVision Global’s value added system which checks and verifies labels before added to the finished product.

Label check is a value-added engineered system continuously checking design, codes and the pre-programmed requirements.

Legislation changes continuously and possible changes could have consequences for the labelling of your product. That is why it is necessary to keep track of these changes and implement them when needed:

  • Allergens
  • Codes
  • Country of origin
  • Ingredients
  • Design
  • Portion size

Food and Beverage legislations are ever changing and with this manufacturers need to ensure they are keeping up with this adapting environment.

InterVision Global created two automated vision inspection systems to focus on the review of labels throughout production:


Vision inspection system which verifies that the label is present, correctly aligned and is in the correct position- therefore maintaining brand quality. The system will identify non-labelled cans, detect labels which are inverted, identify wrongly positioned or skewed labels and also detect labels which have un-ravelled due to gluing issues.


Value-added system which reads and recognises the label on the artwork- to add another level of security above the barcode reading. This is needed due to different territory products sharing the same SKU or barcode. It also allows for compliance to nutritional legislations globally.

Perceptor powered by InterVision is an intuitive operator interface that runs on a central processing unit that gives the operator visibility on all the running sub systems to view the systems run-state, performance and statistics as well as carry out troubleshooting and diagnostics.


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