Delivering IUID solutions and compliance

Since the release of the first MIL STD 130 in 2004, InterVision Global has been committed to helping manufacturers achieve US DoD compliance.

InterVision Global’s extensive expertise enables them to establish their customers requirements in all aspects of IUID compliance

  • Data syntax validation to ISO15434
  • Print quality verification to ISO15415, AS9132, IAQG, AIM DPM-1-2006/ISO29158,
  • UID Verification to MIL STD 130N
  • CO2 Laser Marking systems
  • YAG Laser Marking systems
  • EPC & DOD-96 compliant RFID tag printing
  • RFID tag reading
  • Upload to WAWF and IUID registration
  • Asset tracking and data management software
  • Bureau contract services for printing, verification and label integrity measurements

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