Because of our in-depth knowledge and experience in the deployment of vision inspections systems, 2D coding and traceability, laser marking systems and GAMP compliant software development, we are able to provide impartial consultancy services to manufacturers across many industries. Our expertise will identify process improvements, streamlining of process flows and automation of inspection and compliance requirements.

Our input can include process trials and technology optimisation as well as documentation and specification of requirements ahead of tender and vendor selection.

Our first-hand experience and knowledge puts us in a unique position to advise, recommend and trial systems not only in vision inspection but also in closely associated third party technologies such as printing and laser marking.


We all experience the realisation that when the training is completed, we should have paid more attention and suddenly find ourselves daunted by how little we know. At InterVision Global we take training very seriously.

Our systems are integrated into a production process at high speed or to high precision and so it is imperative that our customers, at all levels of personnel, are familiar and confident in the ability to run and support the systems themselves after our Engineers have left site. Included in all our systems that we supply, is the provision for exhaustive training for Associates, Operators, Engineering Support, New Product Development and of course, Maintenance. In many cases this is replicated over multiple shifts where the system is running 24-7. Training certificates are issued on successful completion of training courses.


Our systems are integral and critical to manufacturing processes and as such, the level and speed of response is key to our customers.

Deploying a reliable system comes from well considered design and professional commissioning. However events and issues do happen in an automated production process. It’s at times like these that you truly start to establish how good the support is that you receive from your vendor.  

At InterVision Global we recognise the need to provide quick, reactive support in the event of a breakdown. We pride ourselves on the support we provide and offer a variety of post-installation support packages in the form of Service Level Agreements. These not only cover routine maintenance but enhancements, development and breakdown cover, including in certain instances, critical spare parts holding.

By the nature of our technology we can provide off-site and on-site support. Off-site remote support can be utilised for diagnostics, troubleshooting and deployment of software enhancements. Often customers provide us with job files and images from the system for offline analysis.

On-site support is provided when customers have the need for an Engineer to attend their site and support the system directly.


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