Cancode Inspection

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The label inspection system is supplied with a user interface which displays the process information, i.e. number of cans processed, passed, failed and reasons for failure. This allows the manufacturer to address the causes of the rejects, which in turn increases output. Statistical information is stored on the system, complete with start and finish times, for every batch processed. This information gives the user visibility on throughput, efficiency and production performance.

Why Choose InterVision Global?

Successfully specifying and deploying vision-based inspection system requires proven expertise and experience. It is essential that lighting, optics and algorithms are selected and applied to take account of product and manufacturing variations, line speed, throughput and performance requirements. InterVision Global have many years’ experience and great expertise in applying machine vision to manufacturing environments ensuring that the customer experiences trouble free and robust performance.

Features and benefits

  • 100% inspection Integrates with labeller (will automatically stop labeller if successive incorrect labels are identified)
  • Minimal interaction required with operator
  • Batch changeover is simply facilitated with the ‘autoteach’ mechanism which takes seconds to execute
  • Throughput up to 1500 cans a minute
  • Confirms the presence of a label on EVERY product Ensures that EVERY label is correctly orientated and not skewed
  • Ensures that the correct label has been applied to EVERY container
  • Removes EVERY container with a trailing label from the production line Removes EVERY container with turn backs on the seam of the label Eliminates risk of a product re-all therefore guaranteeing very quick return on investment