Quality control vision systems

The Automotive industry is focused on the safety and traceability compliance through inspection, integrity, marking and robotics system solutions.

InterVision Global has long standing partnerships with a global customer base. Having first hand experience and expertise, they can deliver compliance driven, complex precision inspection solutions  to compliance led industries.

This includes checking of automotive components such as suspension units, air springs, automotive interior fittings and even tyres. In addition to quality and dimensional checks, vision systems can be used in robot guidance and product identification for a ‘pick and place’ operation.

  • Product Type Clarification
  • RFID Tag Reading
  • Thermal Printing
  • Robotics
  • OCR/ OCV
  • Human-readable character
  • Pneumatic or electric dot peen marking
  • RFID tag which is fitted within the platen

InterVision Global understands the need to meet the industries short lead times on a seamless supply chain model with complete traceability to control the risk of product recall for the assurance of brand protection.

They understand the need to provide vision systems which support fast assembly production lines.



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